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Over the past decade, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients focusing on many different types of creative ideas and budgets for both agency and production companies. I’m currently an Executive Producer at Leo Burnett Worldwide running the Philip Morris/Altria group. Whether I’m producing, directing, editing, or even the occasional talent cred, my passion is creating. Give me a shout to work on something together. Most of my favorite pieces are client confidential, but can be available to share if you holler at me.

Current and Past Clients:

Philip Morris USA, Philip Morris International, Altria, Beretta Tactical, Samsung, Delta Faucets, Pacific Gas & Electric, DeVry, Walgreens, Nintendo, Allstate, Hallmark, Otis, Yelp, Trevino Customs, Joytops, Leo Burnett, Applegate Farms